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About Us

Seri Pervas Italian spirits

Produced with passion and pride in Trieste. It’s what you read on the back of our bottles with an ancient and timeless charm: a project conceived at the beginning of 2020 by two brothers from Trieste, a line of spirits that wants to pay homage to the territory and to the prestigious commercial and emporial past of the city at the turn of ‘800 and ‘900.
Local raw materials, carefully selected and flavoured with spices that have a strong historical connection with the past of the city, a project realized in collaboration with local realities only, with the artisanal production made in Trieste to maintain the strong link with the excellence of this area.

This is combined with the choice of a bottle and a label that refer to that historical period, full of scientific and technological innovations, cultural ferment and consecration of the world-wide commerce that saw Trieste and the surrounding territory at the center of a new, international and optimistic world. New discoveries in the medical field were consolidated by improving life expectancy and laying the foundations for modern medicine as we conceive it today; alcohol was the main ingredient of many pharmaceutical remedies, so as to be considered a real cure-all.

Thus, the selection of a bottle suitable for any pharmacy or emporium of the time both in terms of shape and color, with thick paper label and an embossed font of that period.

In the nineteenth century Trieste became the free port of the Austrian Empire and flourished thanks to trade: the horizon was dominated by the profile of the large steamships, which transported goods and people from the continent to the rest of the world.

Among them stood out the Seri Pervas, which stands out for the exceptional nature of its history. built in 1839, this large-wheeled wooden steamer sailed inland for many years along the Danube and then sailed over the open sea for another twenty years.

A unique destiny, the perfect synthesis of an era and its vocation to combine different worlds.

Today our spirits take the name Seri Pervas to retrace those routes and make you savour the desire for challenge and success of the many sailors and merchants who made Trieste great. Like our great-grandfather Vittorio, who embarked on the transatlantic Vulcania and Saturnia to reach the Americas and bring back from there exotic products, impossible to find in Europe.

Often his agreements were concluded on the docks of the port and sealed with a handshake and a toast: to him, and to those who continue to seek the pleasure of adventure, we dedicate the Seri Pervas spirits.

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