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About us

Being born in Trieste means living forever suspended between the mountains and the sea, captive by its beauty, yet yearning for freedom.

Thanks to its cosmopolitan vocation, Trieste, which became a free port of the Austrian Empire, welcomed in the nineteenth century the large steamships that transported goods and people from the continent to the rest of the world. Among them stood out the Seri Pervas.

Built in 1839, this large-wheeled wooden steamer sailed for years along the Danube inland, then spent another twenty years sailing the sea. A unique destiny, the perfect synthesis of an era and its vocation to unite different worlds.

Today our products take the name Seri Pervas to ideally retrace the routes and make you savor the desire for challenge and success of the many sailors and merchants who made Trieste great.

Seri Pervas

Our project

When you love your land, you respect its history and soul.

It is not only the name SERI PERVAS that binds us to Trieste: it is also the city that hosts the liquor factory where our products are brought forth. Our botanic ingredients, juniper and other raw materials, grow in its rolling hills. The exotic spices which provide our subtle, unmistakable aromas, are shipped swiftly into its port.

It is only this way, by placing value on the places we inhabit, that we can guarantee a line of spirits created with passion and utmost attention to quality.

Seri Pervas

Dry gin

Juniper aroma, olive and aromatic herbs, a drop of sea water. Right from the start, it releases a strong balsamic effect from juniper, well balanced by the spicy Mediterranean notes of olive and rosemary and the freshness of basil leaves and essential lemon oil.

Seri Pervas


The intensity of roasted coffee and bitter herbs, the seduction of absinthe. The toasted notes of coffee that emit hints of cocoa and hazelnut, well accompanied by the most bitter and dry notes of bark characteristic of china and angostura; a hint of bitter orange gives the product a pleasant freshness.

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Seri pervas

Via Riccardo Bazzoni, 7
34124 -Trieste, Italy

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