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Juniper aroma, olive and aromatic herbs, a drop of sea water.

Botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom berries, basil leaves, rosemary and olive, elderberry flowers. With addition of a drop of Adriatic sea water and lemon essential oil.

Right from the start, it releases a strong balsamic effect from juniper, well balanced by the spicy Mediterranean notes of olive and rosemary and the freshness of basil leaves and essential lemon oil.

The palate is dry with a pleasant flavor derived from the sea. The herbaceous notes of juniper and olive leaves are the protagonist with a hint of Mediterranean maqui. The finish is dry and clean with a feeling of freshness.


The intensity of roasted coffee and bitter herbs, the seduction of absinthe.

Botanicals: wormwood leaves, gentian roots, calisaya cinchona bark, rhubarb roots, bitter orange peel, Roman chamomile flowers, angostura bark, ground coffee beans. With addition of essential oil of star anise.

The toasted notes of coffee that emit hints of cocoa and hazelnut, well accompanied by the most bitter and dry notes of bark characteristic of china and angostura; a hint of bitter orange gives the product a pleasant freshness.

The initial sweet sensation of sugars is immediately diluted by the bitterness of bitter herbs that are distributed evenly within the palate. The retro nasal return is warm and enveloping thanks to the notes of coffee and star anise. The finish is pleasantly bitter and with a long gustatory persistence.


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